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Run 449

22nd April 2001

Roger & Miriam Freeman

West Park Aldwick, junction of Marine Drive West & Fish Lane & Silverston Avenue - SU922987

Run 449 - 22nd April 2001 - West Park, Bognor Seafront
A small pack gathered on LONDON MARATHON day on the Bognor Seafront car park with Roger informing tight wads where they could park without incurring charges. The pack was smaller as many runners had gone to London leaving only the elite runners who were saving themselves for the forthcoming 10K season ahead. We knew it was going to be fast. So the minute the On was called the pack set off at a fast amble along the seafront following a trail of flour (even though the Doc kept calling it sawdust).
We thought were in for a nice seaside ramble but almost immediately we turned back into wilds of Aldwick following the quiet streets through a maze of turnings and alleyways. I am always suspicious when a trail uses lots of back alleys. I begin to think ‘What do these people do with their spare time?’.
We started to wend our way through many little roads that all looked the same made more difficult by the fact that the hares had used nearly half a bag of flour for the trail and on occasions it was a bit sparing (or not there at all). Eventually we came out near the football stadium and down to a roundabout that led to Aldwick Felds. “I know where I am” said Patrick “I used to ride my bike through here”. Well with such inside information as that you have to follow, but typical of hashing it was a false trail. We ‘wandered lonely as a hasher’ around the Aldwick Felds with James ‘Whispers’ living up to his nickname by zooming ahead and calling at a level that only a studious bat could hear. At one point after we had come across a check and he was sprinting off down a checking trail it was pointed out that he had not called when he got to the check. “Oh, Check here!” he called disappearing in to the distance. It was about this time that Graham our diligent JM decided that the residents of Aldwick had not received enough entertainment with mad hashers running through their estates carrying toilet seats etc., so to liven up the proceeding he managed to dislocate his knee again and manfully hobbled on until ever helpful members of the pack pointed out to Miriam that there was an injured JM at the rear and she pointed him towards home (shortcut fashion).
A few times we were teased with the prospect of a homeward street but finally what we had been waiting for all along. A nice run along the shingle of the beach.
Have you ever tried to find white flour in small 2 cm blobs on a white stone and shingle beach?
But being the tried and tested hashers that we are the trail was found and followed until the beach huts were sighted and we knew we were on the last leg of the trail.
We arrived at the car park on a bright and sunny morning to hear what the JMs had to say (one just said Ouch and hobbled a lot). The hares were thanked for an ingenious use of the roadways of Aldwick and then the hash was awarded to Maria as she was deserting us for the sunny climes of Pamplona (Spain) where she claims she will continue running.
However as she will not be with us on the future run, Mussolini declared that the hashit should be shared with Susanna for (a) mentioning that she seemed to avoid getting the hashit and (b) showing contempt for the JM by tying him up with his own whip. (Please fill in your own fantasy here) An excellent day and fun was had by all. On, On

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Mike Brown is trying to sort numbers for the French hash so please see him now!

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