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Run 463
11th November 2001

David Barclay
Whiteways Lodge Car Park Map

Run 463 - 11th November 2001 - Whiteways Car Park - David ‘Hairbrush’ Barclay

A crisp November morning found our hardy hashers turning up at the Whiteways car park to be greeted by hundreds of motorcycle fans in their second childhood. They seemed a bit bemused by a group of yellow T-shirts carrying a toilet seat on a cold and frosty morning. As it was November the 11th we had a minutes silence before handing over the to the JM’s and then on to the hares. Or Hare as good old Hairbrush Barclay had laid it all by himself with just a little help from the dog (who was kept on a lead for fear of giving the trail away). We were told that it was not muddy and that the only threat was from leaves on the path cunningly hiding danger beneath but in the event it proved the most surefooted trail for some time.
We set off into the woods with most people making the correct decisions for the first couple of checks and then into the thick of it where the real game began. As we had all run this area many times it was a case of bluff and double bluff as we were twisted and turned around a few times. Our glorious webmaster seemed to be blessed with either a map of the trail or extreme good fortune as he kept getting check after check correct. We came to a T junction with the trail turning to the left but this did not fool most of the pack. However it did fool Selwyn who dutifully turned left and then on to the check before showing genuine surprise that the trail was in fact a back check. So ever upward we trudged passing the Rasta and the Panda quietly chatting away and moving at an extended walk. I only mention this out of jealousy as I kept passing them which shows they were right and I was wrong most times. It was good to see the Treefeller up with the pack again. The day was memorable for actually being able to hear Whispers on one occasion.
We had a sneaky back check where Pancsi Enticott chose to short cut through the rough with a few helpful hashers following him just in case he fell and needed assistance and your humble scribe following to record the event for the Hash Notes. So after the usual checks and balances we came to a check with four options and immediately Jan chose the sneaky trail hidden in the bushes. Always ready and willing to follow a strong woman I followed only to find that she had led Joyce and me on a large loop. I would be grateful if Joyce would slow down as she makes the rest of us look bad - is that hashitable?
We now began to feel that we were on familiar territory with Jan and Shades Colgate reaching the top of a long falsie to declare that they thought that the trail went this way and they could join up further on (wrong!). By now the chariots were beckoning as we approached the last of the hills and after a check or two the On Inn seemed obvious..... a bit too obvious, but then we were doubled bluffed at the last and it was really the true trail in.
So the motorcycles were treated to seeing a sweaty band of T shirts reappearing and the awarding of the Hashit. This time to Csilla for the ridiculous amount of layers she was wearing including carrying hat and gloves in her pocket ‘just in case’. What will she do when the weather gets cold???
So hashit awarded it was off to the Spur for apres hash refreshments and to meet Dave and Dave’s wives who seem to feel that it is OK to join the apres hash without having the run. Can you award the hashit to non runners? We will see at the Hangover Hash. So a nice run in pleasant surroundings.
Many thanks to the hare. On On!

Humble Scribe

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