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Run 61426 August 2007Hash Flash and The Panda - NOTE DATE CHANGEAmbersham Common X Roads SU910190

A full compliment of dedicated hashers turned out on a nice summers day to savour the delights
of the Ambersham run laid on by two experienced hares.
A brief excuse given by JM Pancsi explaining that it was Godiva's boyfriend's birthday and she
could not attend!! (So next weeks hashit already sorted then).

Not a lot to explain and off the pack went, all going down the wrong trail before returning to go
UP... will they never learn.

The trail meandered through the woods a bit rough and wild underfoot but not to be deterred
everybody was soon running and checking like virgin hashers.
Bambi was doing more than his fair share and it was noted that some of the finely honed
athletes in the pack occasionally walked!!
Young Kermit was bounding along with the irrepressible energy of youth (don't you just hate
that) but we reckoned it was the excitement of the bucket and spade sandpits that we were
running through. The sand did sap people's energy levels and on one or two of the hills not all of
the pack sprinted all the way to the top.

Dr. Blood had his mobile computer-GPS-microwave oven in his hand happily declaring (yes I
know that is incorrect English but it was what he was doing) that he could re-run the hash and
put it into a computer and track the exact run and upload it to a computer with all of the smells
and analysis of the mud included, (most people just forget the run and head straight for the
pub). We seemed to be going in a big circle with a few kinks in it (the course had the kinks, not
the membership; although on reflection I am net sure).

We followed the polo pony training course and then began to head upward and back in the
direction of the chariots.
There were still a couple of checks to go through but they fooled nobody.
The smell of chariots grew even stronger.
The pack began to realise where they were (there's a first) and the pace picked up from a brisk
walk to a flat out jog.

There was still one large hill to climb and the pack struggled up.
Although I noted that Tigger still had enough energy to chat all of the way up.
We crested the hill and the On On was heard from the brave front runners. .

The pack tumbled in to the car park and began to change as the JM called them to order.
After a few nominations Alan, a relative newcomer was awarded the hashit, on the basis as far
as I could gather, that it would ensure he turned up at least once more to carry around his hard
earned trophy. I was pleased to get rid of it as trying to carry it around on a bike was not easy.

Everybody then scrambled down to the Unicorn for apres hash drinks.

A nice run on a nice day in nice surroundings. Nice.
Well done to the hares.


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