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Est 1983 - ON PRES: Robin Low


Run: 446

11th March 2001

Avenue de Chatres car park, Chichester
Hares: Robin (the can man) Low and Mike (Treefeller) Brown.

Due to the foot and mouth disease carried by hashers, this was an inner city hash laid by Robin (the can man) Low and Mike (Treefeller) Brown. They were assisted by trainee hares Kevin and Patrick Breen who must have the inborn deviousness of true hashers judging by the trail that day.

So after the usual ramblings from the hares and JMs off we went across the wilds of Chichester over the bridge and down onto the footpath of the playing fields of the local schools. The trail led us over the area near the college and then around to the Westgate area where we were sure we were going to turn left (we did not) and back into the city where a few devious checks had the pack running (running?) every which way. It was good to see that even in a city where every nook and cranny is known to all (especially crannies), the pack were continually being turned around to be kept together like a pack of small brown rates in the rain.

Although the pack were confident of a circular course the trail continued to surprise. It was at the mid way point of the hash that Louise was awarded her hash name of 3 Star (anybody who wonders why must ask Louise). In the pouring rain the pack stood and looked casually about for flour until splashing off towards the council offices car park. Traitorous as it is to tell tales upon ?her indoors? I was amazed when Csilla said ?It is a good trail but I haven?t seen much sawdust?. I had to point out that this was because we were following flour! With younger Bells and Barty?s appreciating the weather the pack made its way across the car park and down to the train line. Some thought that the trail may go across the line and further south but as it was 10 past 12 wiser heads searched for the tell tale signs of trail laying. Around the Globe pub and towards home.

As we were almost upon the car park down in the wilds of south Chichester ?On Inn? was called and we were able to get out of wet clothing (and then we ran to the cars). The JMs called the pack to order and said that after naming nearly everybody for a nomination recently they were going to keep it short. Things threatened to get out of hand with some pack members offering Fascist style salutes to Mussolini but all was restored when James (Whispers) was given the Hashit for stupidity beyond the call of duty. He had been overheard asking how heavy the hashit was in case he ever had to carry it!!! He hopes to be at the next Hash but may be late as he is delivering a lecture on Particle Physics and Quantum Theory to Stephen Hawking. (not!). A really good run, well laid by the Hares.

Humble Scribe

PS - Mike Brown is considering a French Hash, so please make your feelings known to him.

Regarding the granting of names it has been pointed out that some are unsure of how this works. The hare razor decides upon the name and submits it to either of the following; JMs, Officials of the Hash, Members who were at the first hash, Members of the Hash Names Committee or none of the above. The name is then pondered and written upon a small piece of rice paper which is eaten with a drizzle of olive oil and black pepper and then promptly forgotten. After such deliberations, if the pack and or above mentioned agree (or not) the hare razor includes said name in the next write up. Allocated names to date are: The Colonel (Phil Spooner), Doc (Roger), Sinbad (Jim), Mussolini (Paul), Amanda the Panda (obvious), Treefeller (Mike), Whispers (James), Can Man (Robin), 3 Star (Louise)

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