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Venues with map references

Please use the landranger references INCLUDING the first 2 letters - additions / corrections to:
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MapRefVenuekm from Chi1:500001:250001:10000More
SU795092Adsdean Farm Shop7.9
TQ026117Amberley Station17.9
SU912194Ambersham Common New Road15.5
SU910190Ambersham Common X Roads15
TQ060064Angmering Park - Dover Car Park 20.1
SU844036Appledram Lane South - Church Farm2
SU946001Arun Leisure Centre Felpham9.8
TQ005067Arundel / Binsted Jarvis Road14.7
TQ004064Arundel Dolloway Road14.4
TQ021072Arundel Riverside16.2
TQ018079Arundel Mill Rd Swanbourne Lake16.1
TQ018071Arundel Town Centre15.9
SU956035Barnham Church9.7
SU958044Barnham Station9.8
SU943052Barnham Wilkes Head8.2
SU703064Bedhampton - Bidbury Mead Rec15.8
SU695061Bedhampton Glebe Park Ave (bottom)16.6
SU694063Bedhampton Glebe Park Ave (G&P)16.7
SU703067Bedhampton - 2 Hulbert Rd15.9
SU701066Bedhampton Recreation Ground16.1
SU870205Bepton Country Inn15.8
SU912253Bexley Hill21.1
SU973129Bignor Hill13.8
SU988146Bignor Roman Villa16.1
SU980064Binsted The Black Horse12
SU824004Birdham Church5.7
SU921306Black Down NT CP26.5
SU922290Black Down Quell Lane CP25
SZ934988Bognor Regis Pier9.5
SZ940995Bognor Regis, Upper Bognor Road Coach Park (Hotham Park)9.6
SU810043Bosham nr Berkeley Arms4.9
SU806039Bosham Sea Front Car Park5.5
SU793053Bosham Inn6.7
SU811044Bosham Recreation Ground4.9
SU906076Boxgrove Village Hall5.4
SU814063Bosham West Ashling Rd4.9
SU855337Bramshott Rectory Lane car park28.9
SS357232Buck's Mills???.?
SU739200Buriton Church19.4
SU733197Buriton Queen Elizabeth Country Park19.6
TQ039089Burpham Car Park - George and Dragon18.4
SU979181Burton Mill17.7
TQ003119Bury Hill15.9
TQ010136Bury Hillside Nurseries17.4
TQ120119Chanctonbury Ring Car Park nr A2426.9
TQ145124Chanctonbury Ring Picnic CP - off A28329.5
SU694144Cathrington Lane Car Park19.2
SU737159Chalton - near railway Portsmouth side16.6
SU731160Chalton Red Lion17.1
SU731159Chalton village car park17.1
TQ087120Chantry Post23.8
SU888130Charlton Fox goes Free8.7
SU886127Charlton Sawmills8.4
SU850067Chichester Brandy Hole Lane2.2
SU858041Chichester Canal Basin0.8
SU860068Chichester, Castle Stross, The Avenue2.1
SU864046Chichester Cattle Market0.4
SU860048Chichester Cross0
SU861055Chichester Festival Theatre0.7
SU848047Chichester Fishbourne Road East1.2
SU860045Chichester Fountain Pub0.3
SU870048Chichester Four Chestnuts1
SU859073Chichester, Freeman Towers Keepers Wood2.5
SU862040Chichester High Schools0.8
SU865072Chichester Mansion Spooner, 1 Maplehurst Rd2.4
SU835010Chichester Marina, Birdham4.5
SU828011Chichester Marina Boat House Cafe4.9
SU861060Chichester Oaklands1.2
SU861050Chichester Park Tavern0.3
SU862052Chichester Priory Park0.4
SU858054Chichester Rainbow Inn0.6
SU862069Chichester Summersdale2.1
SU847046Chichester Tesco1.4
SU886052Chichester Westbourne House School2.6
SU857044Chichester Westgate0.6
SU855045Chichester Westgate Leisure Centre0.6
SU827011Chichester Yacht Club4.9
SU787052Chidham Maybush Copse7.4
SU786039Chidham- Old House at Home7.4
SU828144Chilgrove - The White Horse10.2
SU841151Chilgrove - Park Road Lower10.5
SU844151Chilgrove - West Dean Woods10.4
TQ128085Cissbury Ring - Nepcote Green27.1
SU715174Clanfield - The Hampshire Hog19.2
SU848301Clapham - Saint Mary the Virgin Church25.4
SO989270Cleeve Hill???.?
SU989174Coates Common / Sutton Common, Lords Piece CP18
SU992169Coates Common / Sutton Common South West CP17.9
SU878176Cocking The BlueBell Inn12.9
SU875166Cocking SDW11.9
TQ030162Coldwaltham Greatham Bridge20.5
SU775145Compton Recreation Ground12.9
SU647113Creech Wood Denmead22.3
SU835028Dell Quay Sailing Club3.2
SU657112Denmead, Forest Road, Parklands Business Park21.3
SU924127Droke, direction East Dean off A28510
SU954160Duncton Quarry14.6
SU959172Duncton School15.8
SU913222Easbourne - Benbow Pond18.2
SZ816966Earnley Car Park9.3
SU938106Eartham Woods9.7
SU939096Eartham, The George Inn9.2
SU938119Eartham/Selhurst Benges Woods - J. A285+Selhurst Pk Rd10.6
SU904142East Dean - Pond Barn Newhouse Farm, Newhouse Lane10.4
SU904130East Dean Village9.4
SU677222East Meon - Workhouse Lane CP25.3
SS244270East Titchberry???.?
SZ796973East Wittering9.9
SZ799979East Wittering - Thatched Tavern Pub9.2
SZ800977East Wittering - Church Farm Lane9.3
SU943053Eastergate Church Lane / Wilkes Head8.3
SU950052Eastergate Village Hall9
SU976278Ebernoe - Streel's Lane25.8
SU816196Elsted Church15.5
SU834206Elsted Marsh16
SU817196Elsted - Three Horseshoes Pub15.4
SU747060Emsworth Bridge Road Car Park11.4
SU745055Emsworth by harbour11.6
SU741077Emsworth Dymoke St Car Park12.2
SU756058Emsworth Hermitage Bramley Gardens10.4
SU746058Emsworth Kings Arms Pub11.5
SU754053Emsworth Marina10.6
SU759053Emsworth Newlife Christian Church10.2
SU749059Emsworth Palmers Road Car Park11.1
SU749056Emsworth South Street Car Park11.2
SU754057Emsworth Sussex Brewery10.6
SU990095Fairmile Bottom Cafe13.8
SU984092Fairmile Bottom LayBy13.2
SU665045Farlington Railway Triangle19.6
SU678058Farlington Scoutlands Evelegh Road18.2
SU953000Felpham - chez Pancsi 10 Felpham Way10.4
SZ950997Felpham Fox Pub10.3
SZ948997Felpham - Grassmere Car Park10.1
SU959002Felpham - Hairbrush House10.9
SU900285Fernhurst Rec - nr Red Lion24
SU738126Finchdean - The George14.6
SU737127Finchdean Village14.6
TQ119068Findon - Honeysuckle Lane25.9
SU830047Fishbourne, Black Boy Pub3.1
SU837046Fishbourne Bulls Head2.3
SU842045Fishbourne Church1.8
SU832050Fishbourne Centre2.8
TQ007192Fittleworth - Hesworth Common20.6
TQ012191Fittleworth Village Hall20.9
SU938198Fitzlea farm, North of Graffham16.9
TQ005213Flexham Park Riverhill Riverhill Lane22
TQ013227Flexham Park Wakestone Lane23.6
TQ002025Ford Climping Church14.3
SU765130Forestside - Oldhouse Lane12.6
SU759126Forestside and Stansted Social Club12.7
SU756121Forestside and Stansted Village Hall12.7
SU660064Fort Widley North by Churchillian Pub20.1
SU662065Fort Widley South CP19.9
SU801081Funtington Church6.8
SU897113Goodwood - Counters gate car park7.4
SU879074Goodwood - Motor Circuit3.2
SU903115Goodwood - Pilleygreen Lodge8
SU888110Goodwood - Racecourse6.8
SU879113Goodwood - Trundle Triangle6.7
SU940192Graffham Common Roadside16.5
SU931176Graffham Recreation Ground14.7
SU925176Graffham - White Horse14.4
TQ066057Hammerpot Angmering20.6
SU791180Harting Hill Viewpoint14.9
SS223247Hartland Quay???.?
SU887322Haslemere - Camelsdale27.5
SU887335Haslemere - Lion Lane, The Avenue28.9
SU907329Haslemere - Swan_barn28.5
SU709051Havant - Southmoor Lane15.1
SU720061Havant Arts Centre14.1
SU724101Havant Thicket14.6
SZ722998Hayling Island - British Legion Club14.7
SU722013Hayling Island - The Maypole14.3
SU721016Hayling Island - The Yew Tree14.2
SU717029Hayling Island Billy14.4
SU719039Hayling Island A3023 South of bridge on right14.1
SU494118Hedge End Heathhouse Lane - Norman Rodaway Playing Fields37.3
SU900176Heyshott Gaban House13.4
SU895185Heyshott Common14.2
SU899180Heyshott - Unicorn Pub13.7
SU897181Heyshott - Village Hall13.8
TQ098041Hightown Hill Worthing23.8
SZ851933Hillfield Road Selsey11.6
SU653042Hilsea Lido20.8
SU703132Horndean - Brewers Arms17.8
SU706127Horndean, Keydell Nurseries, Havant Road17.3
SZ800978Hundred Steddle9.3
SU866023Hunston Bridge2.6
SU856003Hunston - Chichester Golf Shop4.5
SU863002Hunston Chi Golf_Centre4.6
SU864015Hunston St. Leodegar's3.3
SU852220Iping Common17.2
SU798013Itchenor Pay CP7.2
TQ017265Kirdford Half Moon26.8
SU719049Langstone - Royal Oak14.1
SU718046Langstone - The Ship14.2
SU859083Lavant, Sheepwash Lane3.5
SU860082Lavant, Village Hall3.4
SU949187Lavington Common Car Park16.5
SU848301Liphook - Iron Hill25.4
SU841309Liphook Station26.2
TQ004205Little Bognor, near Fittleworth21.3
TQ027022Littlehampton - St Martin's CP16.9
TQ027012Littlehampton East Pier17
TQ023019Littlehampton Arun Yacht Club16.5
TQ072254Lordings Lock - Limeburners29.6
SU992169Lord's Piece Common / Sutton Common17.8
SU684133Lovedean - Bird in the Hand19.5
SU872318Lynchmere Common27.1
SU984100Madehurst Church13.4
SU997105Madehurst Houghton Forest14.8
TQ064183Marehill, opp. White Horse, nr. Pulborough24.5
SU975004Middleton Elmer Road12.3
SU972002Middleton Sports Club12.1
SU887218Midhurst - Cowdray Park CP17.2
SU877214Midhurst Common - Carron Lane Cemetery Car Park16.7
SU885213Midhurst - Grange CP16.7
SU869207Midhurst Common - Severals Road16
SU870207Midhurst Severals Ro15.9
SS329194Moorhead Country Holidays???.?
SU917012North Bersted - chez Godiva6.8
SU605116North Boarhunt - Trampers Lane26.4
SU804164North Marden B2141 Layby12.9
SU807162North Marden12.6
SU807161North Marden Church12.5
SU875025North Mundham School Rec2.7
SU727037Northney - Hayling Island13.3
SU787052Nutbourne Cot Lane Maybush7.4
SZ891984Nyetimber - near Lamb Inn7.1
SU936056Nyton Spinney7.6
SU869262Older Hill - off Linch Road21.4
SU645214Old Winchester Hill27.1
SU901050Oving Church4
SZ884975Pagham Church7.7
SZ856966Pagham Nature Reserve Visitor Centre8.2
SZ890973Pagham Beach8.1
SZ884966Pagham Spit8.5
TQ078058Patching - The Fox Pub21.8
TQ086056Patching - World's End Pub22.6
SU714289Petersfield - White Horse Priors Dean28.3
SU755227Petersfied- Heath Pond20.8
SU746232Petersfield Town Square21.7
SU967216Petworth - Tillington19.9
SU975216Petworth Centre20.4
SU972214Petworth Park Cricket Lodge20.1
SU978213Petworth Haslingbourne Lane Surgery20.3
SU966238Petworth Pay CP21.8
SU978216Petworth Sacred Heart Church20.5
SU979214Petworth Surgery20.4
SU975214Petworth - Sylvia Beufroy CP20.2
SU670064Portsdown Hill - Collyer's Pit19.1
SU607070Portsdown Hill - Fort Nelson25.4
SU659064Portsdown Hill - Car Park past The Churchillian on Widley Walk20.1
SU662064Portsdown Hill - Viewpoint19.9
SZ630994Portsmouth (Old) - The Camber23.6
TQ059164Pulborough Brooks - Wiggonholt Common23
TQ060164Pulborough Brooks23.1
SU667079Purbrook Heath19.6
SU675065Fort Purbrook18.6
TQ098149Queens Head Chiltington25.8
TQ050141Rackham - West Lodges21.2
SU781093Racton - Monument Lane9.1
SU864253Redford - Linch Rd Car Park20.5
SU869261Redford - Older Hill21.3
SU812281Rake - Chapel Common23.8
SU794236Rogate - A272 Layby20
SU794245Rogate - Tipsall - Slade Lane20.8
SU790262Hill Brow/Durford Heath22.3
SU733107Rowlands Castle The Green14
SU731107Rowlands Castle Rec14.2
SU732111Rowlands Castle, Meadowlands 14.3
SU734106Rowlands Castle - The Castle Pub13.9
SU881025Runction, Walnut Tree3.1
TQ056035Rustington Golf Course19.6
SZ595919Ryde St John's Road Station29.4
SU741334Selborne Arms - Car Park at rear31
SU934205Selham - 3 Moles Pub17.4
SU935119Selhurst Park East10.3
SU927118Selhurst Park West9.6
SZ865933Selsey - (East) Beach Road11.5
SZ860939Selsey Centre10.9
SZ871956Selsey Church Norton9.3
SU855034Selsey Tram1.5
SZ850925Selsey West12.4
SZ577814Shanklin Scout Hut36.7
SZ852970Sidlesham - Chalk Lane - Mike's place7.8
SU875144Singleton Drovers not the Oilfield9.7
SU888146Singleton Forest, Drovers, Broadham House10.2
SU875127Singleton Museum8
SU879155Singleton Oilfield10.9
SU879132Singleton Village8.6
SU960084Slindon College - Top Road10.6
SU968076Slindon Cricket Club Mill Road11.1
SU960088Slindon Courthill Farm10.7
SU951073Slindon Dukes Road9.4
SU959098Slindon - Northwood Cottages11
SU960077Slindon Park Lane10.3
SU972076Slindon Shellbridge Rd11.5
SU970081Slindon The Spur Pub11.5
SU965078Slindon Village Hall - School Lane10.9
SU965083Slindon Village, Newburgh Arms 11
SU785195South Harting16.5
SU773056Southbourne - Travellers Joy8.8
SU768059Southbourne Village Hall9.3
SZ655983Southsea Model Village21.5
SZ646980Southsea Pyramid Centre22.5
TQ069124Springhead Hill22.2
SU761103Stansted Garden Centre11.4
SU755111Stansted Park Middle CP12.2
SU756115Stansted Park Nth CP12.5
SU753104Stansted Park Sth CP12.1
SU722087Staunton Country Park14.4
SU719086Staunton Country Park BBQ14.6
SU857222Stedham - Hamilton Arms17.4
SU862223Stedham Village17.5
SU751251Steep - Harrow Inn23
TQ082146Storrington Leisure Centre24.3
SU815125Stoughton Forest8.9
TQ025189Stopham Church21.8
SU803115Stoughton - Hare and Hounds8.8
SU802114Stoughton Village - Triangle8.8
TQ023237Strood Green Men's Enclosure (nr Petworth)25
SU979152Sutton Village Hall15.8
SU979151Sutton - White Horse Inn15.7
SU628087Southwick House Car Park 123.5
SU628082Southwick Layby23.5
SU627086Southwick Memorial Hall23.6
SZ677998Thatched House Pub Milton Locks Lockway Road Portsmouth19
SU756052Thorney Island10.5
SU757049Thorney Island - Thornham Road10.3
SU755052Thornham Marina10.6
SU963220Tillington Horse Guards Pub20
SU540060Titchfield Community Centre CP32
SU854257Titty Hill - Queens Corner20.9
SU862246Titty Hill - Tote Hill19.8
SU806254Tullecombe Car Park (near Rogate)21.3
SU795141Up Marden - Church11.4
SU795137Up Marden - South - Roadside11.1
SU587138Upperford Copse Wickham28.8
SU959225Upperton Recreation Ground20.3
SU974068Walberton - The Oaks Resturant carpark just off the A2711.6
SU975057Walberton Village11.5
SU973060Walberton Village hall11.3
SU726060Warblington - Pook Lane13.5
TQ122130Washington - The Frankland Arms27.4
SS213179Welcombe Mouth???.?
TQ046065Wepham - Blakehurst Lane18.7
SU811064West Ashling Concierge Camping Ratham Ln5.2
TQ089184West Chiltington nr Queens Head Pub26.6
TQ083178West Chiltington Recreation Ground25.8
SU857124West Dean7.6
SU773169West Harting Down - Compton14.9
SU772136West Marden12.5
SZ921985West Park Aldwick8.7
SU825087West Stoke / Kingley Vale5.3
SZ781986West Wittering Village10.1
SU762075Westbourne Cemetery10.2
SU757082Westbourne - Cricketers10.8
SU760077Westbourne Mill Road Allotments10.4
SU755085Westbourne - recreation park on Monks Hill11.2
SU755083Westbourne Monks Hill Rec11.1
SU756074Westbourne - White Horse10.7
SZ780984West Wittering - Old House at Home10.3
TQ001108Whiteways Lodge Car Park15.3
SU594134Wickham West Walk - North CP28
SU596121Wickham West Walk - South CP27.4
TQ049259Wisborough Green28.3
SU932407Witley Common Milford36.6
SU775075Woodmancote Pub8.9
SU865250Woolbeding Linch Road car park20.3
SU868242Woolbeding Linch Rd Pound Cottages19.4
SU874218Woolbeding Rother17.1
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