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Run 461
14th October 2001

Geoff and Linda Partington with Sue Spooner
Iping Common Map

Run 461- 12th September 2001 - Iping Common - Geoff/Linda Partington & Sue Spooner

Although cloudy overhead a warm day greeted hashers for the hash at Iping Common. Sue mentioned that they had a picnic whilst trail laying so we thought that it may be a long one. We were late setting off as JM Mussolini decided to cycle to the hash and as usual turned up late!!!
Talking of cycling Sinbad Vogt also turned up in cycle apparel and proceeded to run out of uniform and in his cycle gear the whole day - and still did not receive the hashit.
Visiting hashers were introduced as Bigfoot and Shorty from South Hams (near Totnes) and with very little preamble we were off.
We should have started to be suspicious as Sue was seen carrying a bag of sawdust.
We set off into the lightly wooded area and soon found the first check only to find that the true trail was behind us and across a road.
The checks were difficult at first because of the sheer number of trails that you could follow but with Sinbad and Hairbrush leading the way the pack drifted ever onward.
The trail was lost but soon afterward found and the pack set off to another check where we seemed to somehow become detached from each other. Standing on a check in the middle of nowhere Miriam declared that the safest thing to do was stay put as they must come this way sooner or later. (Wrong) It was a big loop and as we finally gave up and tried to find the pack we came upon Sue with her sawdust bag.
We were finally pointed in the direction of the pack and rejoined them for a small uphill stretch. As we passed a lady walking her dog she exclaimed rather huffily "Is there ANYWHERE where you people are not running?" I pointed out that as we were near Midhurst then Petworth seemed a safe bet but she was not amused.
We trundled on to find an abundance of conkers and whilst I explained the rules to Hungarian wife who seemed not to grasp the point, Hash Flash regaled us with stories of teaching small grandson to play. Csilla said that it seemed a dangerous game to play with a small child but she just doesn't understand the English.With time marching on we began to look for the chariots and sure enough the trail was found and with great excitement we were racing towards home. Incidentally passing Mrs. Unhappy Dogwalker again. The pack led by some idiot saw the On Inn and raced for home.
The only drawback was that apparently the sign had said NOT ON INN instead of the expected On Inn. My excuse was that I don't run in glasses and therefore could not read it.
So we finally arrived at the chariots after One and a half hours to find the Doc there before us. He had shortcutted earlier when wisdom had told him that it was getting silly.
The pack drifted back and as usual Amanda the Panda was spotlessly clean. A passer by started to ask what we were doing and when she mentioned that she was a teacher whose children may like the idea of a hash she was quickly showered with hashnotes calling cards etc.
The J.Ms gathered the pack together and awarded Pancsi Enticott the hash which was of course thoroughly deserved, although I seemed to lose track of why he got it???
The pack then retired to the Hamilton Arms for apres hash refreshment and lots of Thai goodies.

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